Interview on the 2020 Uprisings: “The Possibility of the Organization of New Subjectivities“, June 2020

Socialists Think: Plenary on the Thought of Sylvain Lazarus, May 2020

Reading Badiou’s Theory of the Subject, Global Center for Advanced Studies, February, 2020

The Shipwreck of Oedipus: Mapping the Post-Oedipal, American Philosophical Association, Philadelphia, PA, January 2020

Gift Exchange & Historical Invariance: Karatani & Libidinal Economy, Libidinal Economies of Crisis Times, Berlin, September 2019.

The Thing About Sublimation: Towards a Periodization of the Concept, Lacanian Forum of Washington, DC, March 2019

The Inequality of Civic Love: Towards a New Form of Solidarity, Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World, July 2018 Portland, OR

Dissolving the I in the We: Love and the Problem of Community, annual St. Thomas More Lecture, March 2018 St. John Fisher University

Islam and Psychoanalysis, March 2018 Georgetown University Graduate Colloquium

Islamophobia in the Trump Era, February 2017 Keynote Lecture for Project Nur national conference

Catholic-Muslim Dialogue and Conflict Resolution, Currents NY

Interview with “The last Outpost” podcast, September, 2016

Insurrections and the Role of the Philosopher: A Documentary Film Project at the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World conference at McDaniel College, July 2016

Identification in Lacanian Psychoanalysisat the Washington, DC Lacanian Forum “Clinical Wednesday Series”, February 2016

Badiou and Lacan at the Washington, DC Lacanian Forum “Clinical Wednesday Series”, May 2015

From the Name to the Names-of-the-Fatherat the Washington, DC Lacanian Forum “Clinical Wednesday Series” February 2015

From American Orientalism to Islamophobia: How Images of Islam and Muhammad Define America’s National Identity at the University of Wisconsin, April 12, 2013

Faith Communities and the Transformation of Bigotry at Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville, TN, February 22nd, 2013

Radical Love and Zizek’s Ethics of Singularityat the Zizek Studies Conference. April, 2012

Understanding Islamophobia in Americaat the University of Wisconsin, October 19th, 2012

Understanding Islamophobia in America: A Talk with Daniel Tuttat Lonestar College Houston, TX September 5th, 2012

A Time for Tolerance? Islamaphobia in America Today Islamic Resources Group banquet dinner, Minneapolis, MN. November 2010

Islamophobia: Challenges and Opportunities at Simon Fraser University, May 13th 2012

Islamophobia in America Today at the Center for Interfaith Engagement at Eastern Mennonite University, March 16th 2012

Understanding Our Neighbors: What is Islam Kanawah Valley Interfaith Council, Charleston, WV. April 2011

Media and the Middle East: A Panel at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival 2012 April 13, 2012


Institutional Islamophobia in the United States: Q&A with American Philosopher Daniel Tutt, International Policy Digest

An Interview with Dr. Daniel Tutt about his GCAS Series, “Badiou and Philosophy

“On Islamophobia: An Interview with Daniel Tutt”

St. Louis Public Radio “Understanding Islam” November 9th, 2011

American Muslim 360 “Daniel Tutt Speaks: 20,000 Dialogues” November, 2011

The Optimistic Muslim “Building Bridges in America, One American at a Time” Sunday March 25th, 2011


Art of Replacing Stereotypes at Michigan State University

Video: The Impact of Negative Media Images – The Case of Muslims/Arabs – A Review of Research in Neuroscience, Psychophysiology and Social Psychology Muslim Mental Health Conference at Michigan State University, Lansing, MI. April 2010

Media Images of the Other United Religions Initiative, Global Assembly, Mayapur, India. December 2008

Using Documentary Film to Combat Stereotypes of the Other National Association of International Educators, Washington, DC. May 2008

Media Images of Islam Annual Conference on Religion, Peace, and Conflict at Oakland University, organized by International Humanistic Psychology Institute, Oakland, MI. March 2008

The Power of Film to Share Universal Loss Washington Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University, DC. September 2008

Muslim Perspectives Through Film and Dialogue: Understanding, Empathy, and Civic Discourse Intercultural Management Institute, American University, Washington, DC. March 2010

Pluralism and Media Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. November 2007

Combating Islamophobia on Campus Religious Pluralism in a Time of Extremism: The Campus Responds, Tufts University, Boston, MA. May 2008

Beyond an Abrahamic Commemoration of 9/11 North American Interfaith Network, National Conference, Richmond, VA. August 2007

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