6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Very Dear Friend, Daniel Tutt
    Thanks for your responsibility you feel. I sent materials that I fulfilled and finished to you,at five in the morning I; such as my C.V. as attachment;.email and the letter which is very important and I have sent it to many governors and ministers and Presidents (mentioned in the email) to this email address I found it by chance and with the third eye of Shiva: danielp.tutt@gmail,com I.hope you have get it by this time and do your best to humanity and me, Looking forward for your kind reply and angelic support. Love and Peace Shiva.

    1. Dear Intelligent Respectful Friend
      Daniel Tutt
      I will send you again email and my updated C.V. and my poems and photo. Please reply as soon as possible, only through email: dancingsun@freenet.de
      Waiting to hear from you and Longing to meet you. We can create huge achievements. I am working on Medicine and 40 subjects in different languages all around the world as guest lecturer and been in Washington D.C. too…At the moment I am in Toronto; Please reply soon and give your telephone no. too. Love and Peace Shiva

      1. سلام روزتون بخیر خانم کاویانی عزیز از شما در خواست کمکی داشتم ممنون میشم کمکم کنید دوست دار شما زینب ترابی. Torabi.zeynab76@gmail.com

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