My research is concerned with psychoanalysis and politics, new directions in Marxist thought, the family, social reproduction debates, the legacy of anti-Oedipal politics, contemporary and historical liberalism, Nietzsche and Nietzscheanism, and the social power of the intellectual.

You can read most of my publications, essays, book reviews, and talks here.


How to Read Like a Parasite: What the Left Needs to Know About Nietzsche Repeater Books (February 2024). Pre-order.


Psychoanalysis and the Politics of the Family: The Crisis of Initiation Palgrave Lacan Series (Available for purchase online


Justice in Islam: New Ethical Perspectives Co-edited with Ramon Harvey, IIIT Press, 2023 

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“Love, Psychoanalysis, and Leftist Political Ontology”Sex and Nothing: Bridges from Psychoanalysis to Philosophy Karnac Books [Available for purchase online]

“Cohle and Oedipus: The Return of the Noir Hero” – True Detective and Philosophy The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series [Available for purchase online]

“Karatani for Libidinal Economy: Invariance and Praxis” – Libidinal Economies Transcript Publishing [Available online]

Special Issue Journal on Lukács’s The Destruction of ReasonHistorical Materialism, Co-Editor with Matthew Sharpe [forthcoming]


Political Community in Badiou, Laclau, Nancy, and Žižek[Abstract available online]

Committee: Professor Alain Badiou (chair), Dr. Laurence Rickels.


Learning from Freud’s Anti-Politics: Why Marxists Should Read Philip Rieff Sublation Magazine [Available online]

‘Reason in Revolt: Freud Reopens the Radical Enlightenment’ European Journal of Psychoanalysis [Available online]

‘On the Communism of Jean-Luc Nancy’ Philosophy World Democracy [Available online]

‘The Rise and Fall of Homegrown American Marxism’ Cosmonaut Magazine [Available online]

‘The Question of Worldview and Class Struggle in Philosophy: On the Relevance of Lukács’s Worldview Marxism’ Cosmonaut Magazine [Available online

‘Recentering the Lumpen Question: Understanding Lumpenization and Bonapartism’ Spectre Journal [Available online]

‘The Frankenstein of Culture Jamming: QAnon, Baudrillard and the Politics of Simulation’ The Bias Magazine [Available online]

‘Nietzsche in His Time: The Struggle Against Socratism and Socialism’ Historical Materialism [Available online]

‘The Materialism of Warm-Stream Marxism: Ernst Bloch on Ibn Sina’ Cosmonaut Magazine [Available online]

‘The Subject Supposes to Rebel: A Lacanian Perspective on Black Lives Matter’ Everyday Analysis [Available online]

‘Overcoming Liberalism from Within: On Solidarity and American Socialism’ Hampton Institute [Available online]

The Missed Encounter Between Critical Theory And American PragmatismThe New Polis [Available online]

Obscure Subjects: Myth and Metapolitics on the alt-RightCritical Theory Research [Available online]

‘Elements of Islamophobia: The State, Class and Capital’ Heathwood Press [Available online]

‘On The Political Project of Psychoanalysis’ Crisis and Critique [Available online]

‘Deleuzian Theology and the Immanence of the Act of Being’ Journal of the Society for Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World [Available online]

‘The Amputated Father: Kojève’s Theory of Revolution and Authority’ review of Alexander Kojève’s The Notion of Authority Philosophy Now [Available online]

‘Thinking Islamic Governance with Continental Philosophy’ Journal of the Society for Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World [Available online]

“Radical Love and Žižek’s Ethics of Singularity” The International Journal for Žižek Studies [Available online]

“Oedipus and the Social Bond in Žižek and Badiou The International Journal for Žižek Studies [Available online]

“The Object of Proximity: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis in Žižek and Santner via Lacan” The San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies Journal “The Other” [Available online]

“The Arab uprisings and the dawn of emancipatory history” Platypus Review [Available online]

“Badiou and the Affirmation of Emancipatory Politics” Brev Spread Magazine [Available online]

Psychoanalysis and the Veil in Islam: Rethinking Truth and Liberation Berfrois: Intellectual Jousting in the Republic of Letters [Available online]

“Is Philosophy Finally Without God?” Berfrois: Intellectual Jousting in the Republic of Letters [Available online]

“Plato, Our Comrade?” Berfrois: Intellectual Jousting in the Republic of Letters [Available online]

“The Euthanasia of Tolerant Reason: The New Discourse on Tolerance in the Age of Terror” Graduate thesis at American University

“Metaphysicians in the Dark: Poetry, Thinking, and Nostalgia for the Idea” TheThe Poetry

“Psychoanalysis and the Mad Artist: Hölderlin’s Empty Center” TheThe Poetry [Available online]

“Beyond the Stereotype: The Shared Story of Muslims and Mormons in America” Duke Islamic Studies Center [Available online]

“Malleable Stereotypes: How Media is Improving the Image of American Muslims” September 2011 Institute for Social Policy and Understanding [Available online]


Interview with philosopher Alain Badiou “Philosophy and Insurrection” [Available online]

Interview with philosopher Adam Bartlett “Badiou and Plato” [Available online]

Interview with geographer Phil Neel “On the Far Right After Trump and Political Organization” [Available online]

Interview with Lacanian theorist Mari Ruti “Protagonists of Love” [Available online]

Interview with philosopher Ishay Landa “The Apprentices Sorcerer: On Nietzsche and Popular Culture” [Available online]

Interview with philosopher Daniel Lopez “Lukács Today” [Available online]

Interview with philosopher Simon Critchley “The Hamlet Doctrine: Knowing Too Much, Doing Nothing” [Available online]

Interview with Lacanian theorist Todd McGowan “Enjoying What We Don’t Have: The Political Project of Psychoanalysis” [Available online]

Interview with Hegelian philosopher Frank Smecker “Night of the World: Traversing the Ideology of Objectivity” [Available online

Interview with Lacanian psychoanalyst Thomas Svolos “Lacan and the Politics of Psychoanalysis” [Available online]

Interview with political theorist Jodi Dean “Occupy Wall Street and the New Radicalism” [Available online]

Interview with poet and activist Joshua Clover “The Return of Riots and Uprisings” [Available online]

Interview with political theorist Richard Gilman-Opalsky “Insurrections in the 21st Century” [Available online