New interview on Nietzsche and Marx

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The legacy of Nietzsche has major implications for the direction of socialist thought. My wager is that Nietzsche is the biggest antagonist to the possible victory of the working class that there is in thought. Nietzsche is the most fundamental enemy to the emancipation of the proletariat in philosophy. If that sounds crazy you might have historical amnesia or you may be seduced by the ways that Nietzsche/anism has naturalized a world of so-called winners and losers and where we all think inequality is most human.

I’m happy to have sat down with Jules Taylor with the No Easy Answers podcast and the folks at Acid Horizon who have launched this conversation on the Zero Books YouTube channel.

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  1. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan

    Zarathustra is Marx’s proletariat: he’s the symptom, articulating the Truth of system. the subject of rebellion/revolution. The rest of so-called Proletariat, in Zarathustra’s experience, is rabble. Nietzsche was far ahead of his time. Democratic, egalitarian throne is on filth, also there is filth on the throne.Last Man has lost his ability and power of Valuation. Eternal return is autocatakinetic system that stabilizes and restores the health of society.

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