Identification in Lacanian Psychoanalysis – Audio Lecture

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As part of the clinical Wednesday series with the DC Lacanian Forum, I gave my third presentation to the group, this time on the theme of identification. I begin with an analysis of identification in Freud’s Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego and look at Borch-Jacobsen’s critique of Freud in his controversial The Freudian Subject. From there, I move on to Lacan’s theory of identification from his 1961 – 62 Seminar IX on Identification. In conclusion, I turn to the work of Raul Moncayo, a San Francisco based Lacanian analyst who has written on the role of nonidentification and emptiness. Using his distinction between unary trace and unary trait I look at how a collective group identity on the side of the unary trace might function in today’s political landscape.

Lecture Audio: 


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