Video: Hegel and Lacan Seminar – Master and Slave

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Last night I was happy to present on Lacan and Hegel for the Lutecium: a non-school of Psychoanalysis. My presentation addressed the way that Lacan responds to the master slave dialectic. I’ve been thrilled to work with this community of philosophers and analysts.

You can watch the presentation here.

It felt appropriate that I recently watched The Tree of Life, where Malick introduces some quite Hegelian ideas, mainly that the struggle for recognition is built into the very core of humanity. You might even call Malick a Hegelian of the left, or poststructuralist in so far as the core of Sean Penn’s character continues to struggle the primordial eternal struggle, and is not an empty post-human subject.

If you get a chance, check out the event from the link above.

Hegel and Lacan

3 responses

  1. Chris

    lol, Hegel CRITICIZES the phrenologists for believing that “spirit is a BONE”… seem to be advocating on behalf of Hegel….I think you should put down the Lacan and read more Hegel

    1. Daniel Tutt


      I don’t understand your point? Can you say more?


  2. Taylor

    I’d like to watch but it appears the site has moved! If you have any clue where the video may have been relocated to please let me know. Thanks!

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