Seminar on Paranoia in Hegel and Lacan

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Hegel and Lacan on Paranoia:

The Romantic Idealist Reformer Becomes an Aggressive Paranoid

Study Groups in Psychoanalysis and Politics Presents:

Wilfried Ver Eecke on “Hegel and Lacan on Paranoia”

Dr. Ver Eecke is a Lacanian Psychoanalyst and Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University

In this seminar, Dr. Wilfried Ver Eecke will discuss Hegel’s idea of the “Romantic Reformer” and its linkage to paranoia and proceed to connect this important, but often overlooked, concept to Lacan’s theory of paranoia. Participants will read excerpts of Lacan and excerpts of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.

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Dr. Ver Eecke’s research explores the connections between Hegel and psychoanalysis, specifically the work of Jacques Lacan. He is the author of the recent work, Breaking through Schizophrenia. Lacan and Hegel for talk therapy and Negativity and Subjectivity and his research has made important contributions to the clinical understanding of schizophrenia.


1. Wilfried Ver Eecke 2019. Breaking through Schizophrenia Chapter 8. “Hegel and Lacan on Paranoia and the question of how to avoid the dangers inherent in ideas of social reform”

2.Lacan, Jacques. 1975. De la psychose paranoiaque, suivi de Premiers Ecrits sur ka Paranoia. (in English)

3. Excerpts from Hegel’s Phenomenology on the “beautiful soul” and the “romantic reformer”

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