Islamophobia and the Coming Trump Era

Daniel Avatar

What we know right now is that the Trump era lies ahead of us. The immediate intervallic period between now and late January when he assumes office will be a time of increasing fear met with protest and resistance against the way things turned out on 11/9 and against the sinking reality that we face four years of Trump.

My work with the Muslim community started during the Iraq war and I moved to Washington, DC during a time that was dominated by neoconservatives. The Bush era neocon approach to working with Muslims looks nuanced and progressive in the face of a Trump presidency.

What do we know about Islamophobia in a post 9/11 period, specifically, how does the tone of the US president influence Islamophobia? I wrote a very practically minded article in the Islamic Monthly where I address this question. I wrote this with the Muslim community in mind, and really just wanted to throw some important questions out on the table regarding how to proceed under a Trump presidency.

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