Help Fund My Documentary Film on Philosophy and Revolt

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Dear Reader,
I am writing you a more personal post to ask for your help. If you have enjoyed my writing, if it has been helpful to you in any way, I ask that you consider helping my crowdfunding campaign to bring the world of ideas to film.
As you may know, I have been working on creating a documentary film called Insurrections. Well, we now have a teaser and we’re trying to make it into a real film. It brings together the two things I am most passionate about: philosophy and the world of ideas with social change and activism. The film was inspired by my experience working with Alain Badiou during my Ph.D. studies. He is the most important living philosopher and I wanted to get his ideas onto film.
Today, the film has grown far beyond this initial vision. I am happy to report that we have just launched a teaser and crowdfunding campaign to support taking this film to the next level and completing it. Will you support this campaign by making a contribution? Any amount, from $5 – $50 will help us reach our goal. You can watch the teaser and contribute at this link:
Imagine a film like this airing on television and going into film festivals. It will help to create the kinds of discussions and spark the sorts of debates that we desperately need in our dark times.
The project has been self-funded thus far but we have managed to film 6 interviews with different philosophers and theorists in Paris, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Along with my incredibly talented partner Jesse Achtenberg, the Director of Photography, we have created a vision for the film that we think is really going to inspire new thinking on the movements of our time.
Thanks for your support.
Yours in thought and struggle,

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