Nature II

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Remember Goethe’s passage from the Sorrows, that when we let go of our desires we are full of antitheses – is this not a universally remarkable statement on the human soul? That our very nature consists of a teleology. That the path as laid out in our seasons depends on a resistance, because full realization that our search generates its own object, in this case the object I realize in you is the very source of my own object, inverted. Are we not drawn to a higher truth about the essence of one another that creeps into our hearts at the most awkward moments. Is this not the very order the poet seeks to corral, and is this not the very source of the poets striving for a more fully realized sense of self and world. Do we not hold what we fear most in the excess of our own reified object of desire?

There is a profound ability that comes with experience though time and it cannot be marginalized by anything. We transfer our situations by access to momentary glimpses of truth, but is not the very access the not-fully-realized-truth, and they are equivalent. The kernels of stoppage to your release of antitheses is the composition of our nature. Are we not revealed the underside of what actually sustains our previous challenge in our new situation once it has been achieved. Is the challenge itself not the very superimposition of the heart’s restlessness in confrontation with the object. Are we not supposed to know that object but are in reality eluded from it’s hold over our soul.

There is a certain sense in our intuitions that must overcome their own limit and that sense is nature. Nature is the very bottom of our core and hope the layer of preservatives, which is humanity in all of her synthetic substance – and the remnants of that substance is spirit. There is a world spirit and it may be realized through deepest penetration of what it is that you hold. The spirit is the energy emitted from the synthetic substance of knotted humanity and the dewy after-affect is the fragrant rise of pure spirit. Spirit is the emergence of change, the emergence of finiteness is naked-humanity in all it’s pure essence revealed. To say that we are at a stage in human evolution that disallows talk of a universal spirit is only valid depending on the way in which the practitioner claims it.

The despair of the soul arises only by negation of the object. Holding onto the object is the source of both our deepest hatred with our fate and the utter disconnect we have from the safety of our search. Is the negation of our path not reinforced via anxiety, an anxiety that we depend on holding for healthy release? The search is often a prescribed search. Deepest penetration onto the object is brought into reality by unloosening the soul of its dependence on the search and the simultaneous hold over the object. The obsession of the soul is to be revered and coveted as your unique traits, indeed the source of your individuality is the fetish of the soul. Do not be ashamed of the passion that keeps you from the object, and we can open the underside but we cannot let it go unless we surrender our very nature’s.

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