Lacan and the Logic of Structure with Ellie Ragland

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I’m pleased to offer a new seminar with Lacanian analyst and literary theorist Ellie Ragland starting in early 2021. You can sign up to join us here.

Lacan and the Logic of Structure

Two Seminars with Ellie Ragland

January 7th 7:00 pm EST – “Topology, Lacan and the Borromean Clinic”

January 14th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – “Hysteria: The Logic of Paradox.”

Lacan postulated that the psyche can be understood by means of certain structures, which control our lives and our desires, and which operate differently at different logical moments or stages of formation. In these seminars, we aim to uncover the topological structures that Lacan elaborated as structures within language itself. The first seminar considers Lacan’s turn to knot theory and to the Borromean chain which presents a completely new way to theorize the relation of the three registers of the Real, Symbolic, and Imaginary. By elaborating the Borromean clinic we aim to better place certain properties – fantasy, the drive, jouissance, discourse and ethics and politics, and to isolate their functions. The second seminar examines Lacan’s treatment of hysteria, both as a clinical structure and as a discourse.


Ellie Ragland is a Lacanian literary critic, psychoanalyst, professor of English literature, and author of several books on Lacanian thought including Jacques Lacan and the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis (1986), Lacan: Topologically Speaking (2004), The Logic of Sexuation: From Aristotle to Lacan (2004) and the forthcoming Hysteria: The Logic of Paradox.

Hosted by Study Groups in Psychoanalysis and Politics

This seminar is hosted by Study Groups in Psychoanalysis and Politics, a collective of researchers, students, philosophers, and psychoanalysts interested in the intersection of politics, psychoanalysis, and philosophy. We invite participants working in areas of psychoanalysis, critical theory, and other disciplines to join this working group.

Our objective is to share research, diagnose significant issues, identify common problems, and further build contributions on matters related to psychoanalysis contemporary politics. This seminars is open to the public and does not require specific credentials to participate other than a keen interest and commitment to the subject material.  


January 7th: On the Borromean Clinic

  • Lacan, Seminar XX, Encore: “Knowledge and truth” and “Rings of string”
    Lacan, Seminar XXIII, Le Sinthome: “The Spirit of the Knots”
    Pierre Skrirabine “Clinic and Topology: The Flaw in the Universe”
  • “Toplogie Lacanien a Clinique Analytique” by Jean Garnon-Lafont (translated by Jack Stone)

January 14th: Hysteria: The Logic of Paradox

  • Freud, Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria
  • Lacan, Seminar XV11 – “The master and the hysteric”
  • Ellie Ragland, “The Hysteric’s Truth” by Ragland

Registration $35

To register go here:

Once registered, participants will gain access to the readings for these seminars, and each session takes place on Zoom, Thursday nights 7 – 9 pm EST.

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