Obscure Subjects: Myth and Metapolitics on the alt-Right

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I have a new blog/essay up at the Critical Theory Research Network called “Obscure Subjects: Myth and Metapolitics on the alt-Right.” Here is an overview:

In this piece, I consider the syndicalist intellectual Georges Sorel and his influence on early 20th century fascism in France and Italy prior to the rise of the Nazis in Germany. I adopt Sternhell’s thesis in The Birth of Fascist Ideology that fascism has its origins in a particular failure of working class Marxist forms of struggle and emerges as an imitation of leftist tactics and rhetoric of revolution. Thus, fascism must be understood as a parasitic form of leftist revolutionary praxis. I argue that this is a good way to understand today’s so-called “Alt-Right.”

I then read Jung as perhaps the most important theorists of the Alt-Right, and to understand the wider applications of their metapolitics, I apply Badiou’s thesis of the “obscure subject” to understand why the Alt-Right, and all fascist politics, produces violence.



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