Staring at the River After Church

Daniel Avatar

Strait laced pilgrims
Anchor the curtains
Light westerly’s upset the blanket
The court of arbiters structures us out in squares
The sky above no longer guides the sand
The spirit has shifted strategies

This is that, the rabbit heart
Setting off ships cross in day of noon when the mirror sees the water up to the mountain
And the mountain sees the water down to the depths of
The world without, ends.

She’d bring the wine
He’d kneel before the body
The dirt and the disgust of the mind
Had uncontested children

We have discovered the carrot
No longer did the solace bring them home
The hitchhiker had brought up the effort
And was chastity in part responsible
For the dreams realized along the bank?

The terminal button set to neutral
The ancestor Osiris is not capitalized
From the symbols of his gown came the question internal to elevators
We’d step from the bed of roses onto the horizon
Without an error of this world to guide
The mistrust found
Paper’s re-shuffled

The misty eyed
Waiting for the day that the water would return the favor
Cleansed from the sight
He would de-board the dingy hopping from the island
Across the river.

Didactic moves
Frowning Japanese women
Howl for Providence
As they manned the iron tract plow
In allegiance to the rabbit
We’d anchor the curtains without having found the stage

The button would be switched in an instant, the effort would be restored and the home movie would settle her treaties.

The horizon remarks dust to dust
In faint periods of time
In between the barge of peace
Before the era of electric clouds.

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