InDivisible Lies

A lie is a state of movement. It has a before and an after, cut into the now. Wait, what is it?“I know it when I’m not asked”But our fathers never told us what it means to lie. They never asked.Could we say that our fathers lied? But what are these lies reallyAnd this haunts... Continue Reading →

4 Poems

MascaraI’m pulling off trains track by trackThere are purple emissions above my headEach of her lashes are brown dewed with blackThe Martyrs song is sung by the lampsAnd the mosquitoes fear to goThe air stained wet by the look of mascara drips Her cheeks pale white rusty amberEncased in my pocket is the thingTarnished from... Continue Reading →

The Drop Out

The end of motion across the sky rushesIndeed its death moves faster and draws me out like an empty sillhouettedPicture of trees.How I long for those lonely suburban daysWhen the sky encircled aboveAll movement was eliptical The distant motor hummings and commotionDeposited in a beautiful center Around my cul-de-sacI would sit upright like a rigid... Continue Reading →

Time Cycle

The recycling time of one self Is wrought trough timeTime’s proven the quantifier ofOne’s progress Whether he starts the journey aheadOr behind,His body is owned by time.That the cycle extend it’s time in set intervalsMerely depends on the breadth of the sufferingEndured from each And the time that he owns in his mindPlays tricks on... Continue Reading →

Every Day and Summer River & Critical Parody in Comparative Literature

Every Day Every day since you appearedSo vividly on my porchWhen I awoke Feeling cessated from my bodyAnd that surge of clear adolescent energy lifted usUp to the roof while I followedReaching for that point in my heartYou wouldn’t let me touchFor you had informed my body for the first timeOf intangibilityAnd how we sat... Continue Reading →

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