Teaching Philosophy in Prison

Next month, I will teach a class for inmates in the DC jail as part of the JCI Prison Scholars Program. I'll most definitely plan to write about the class. Here is the syllabus for the course. Key Themes in Social and Political Thought JCI Prison Scholars Program, May – July 2018 In this course, … Continue reading Teaching Philosophy in Prison

Philosophy as Confession

My philosophical writing goes through cycles. I experience low points where my exhaustion with philosophy and the project of mastering logos and the Real is made so acute that I fall-back on writing narrative, poetry, or fiction. This fall-back is always confessional in nature. It feels as if I am confessing to the master who has turned away … Continue reading Philosophy as Confession

On Name Dropping and Evangelizing Philosophy

Philosophers since time immemorial have had to bring their discourse into the public space. To disinfect thought from the lofty conceptual stratosphere is an art form that is cathartic. At some moments in western life, it has been seen as a requirement. Education in the humanities implied that you owed the public a debt to … Continue reading On Name Dropping and Evangelizing Philosophy