Natural Supernaturalism

One of the great apocalypses of the western imagination was the entrance of the romantic poets and writers of the early nineteenth century. The romantic universe was articulated by M.H Abrams with instructive erudition in his Natural Supernaturalism. Abrams reveals the limits and nature of the romatic world, and it is worth outlining that world … Continue reading Natural Supernaturalism

O’Hara and Critical Parody

Parody has become ingrained in contemporary writing as the device which has enveloped the voice of the author. In Prophets of Extremity, (a very important book about Nietzsche's canon and his disciples: Foucault, Heidegger and Derrida) the notion of the decline of modern modes of analysis, the anti-dialectic (Derrida's signature form and style) the ever-shifting … Continue reading O’Hara and Critical Parody