Hi, I’m Daniel Tutt. I was born in Portland, Oregon right before the start of the Millennial Generation, but I’m too young to be a Gen Xer. My upbringing was fairly blue collar and I worked aimless odd jobs as a brick layer’s assistant and a construction laborer for many years until realizing as a young college student in the summer of 2001 that the life of books and ideas was where my true passion lies. My life since this moment has been a process of intellectual becoming.

Simultaneous to this intellectual event, I was growing in political and social awareness during the post 9/11 period in American life. The climate of hostility towards Islam and Muslims in America led me to explore the world of religion and specifically Islam. Thus was born my other calling: to work as an interfaith bridge builder. This second event was a spiritual event although it did not entail a religious conversion to Islam. If anything, it has brought me towards the Christianity of my youth in a way that is fuller and more critical.

Today, I live in a synthesis of these two events as a professor of philosophy (adjunct) at Marymount University in Arlington, VA and as the Director of Programs and Producer at Unity Productions Foundation, a media and educational organization based in Washington, DC that makes documentary films about Islam and Muslim culture. Over the last four years, I have worked on a film called Insurrections (still in production) that explores the philosophy of protest movements and includes interviews with leading philosophers and theorists. From 2012 – 2015, I served as Professor of Critical Theory and Dean of Student Affairs at the Global Center for Advanced Studies.

5DS_0285I received my Ph.D. from the European Graduate School, division of Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought under the supervision of one of the most important living philosophers, Alain Badiou. I also received a Masters of Arts in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs from American University. The reason that I went to the EGS was because the type of theory I wanted to study was not taking place in American universities. I also won first place in 2012 and 2014 at the Žižek Studies conference–an event which drew me deeper into the Žižekian field. I felt that I had to study directly with Žižek at the EGS in order to develop my ideas, but EGS opened a much wider field of theory to me and set me on a path of research that has been liberating to my thought.

I am also a Scholar with the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding in Washington, DC where I write and present on Islamophobia, Muslims in the west and interfaith dialogue.

My C.V. can be found here.

All content on this site ©Daniel Tutt, 2016. 

4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi, I am following some of your essays. Actually I am interested with the word “Islamophobia”. In my opinion, the problem is not “Islamophobia”. But, “Muslimophobia”. As an ex-muslim, I have a very reasonable phobia toward Islam. But I don’t have any reason to be afraid of muslim. My big families in Indonesia, are muslims. Some of them even known as Quran teachers.

    I think, the idea to stop Islamophobia is a mistake. What we need to do is, stopping Muslimophobia. As a former journalist, I notice, there is a big different between Islam in Indonesia before 1998 and after 1998. After 1998, lots of Islamic incidents (riots, bombings, murders, etc) occured. Before 1998, Soeharto regime with his dictatorial system, succeed to make Islam as a religion of peace in Indonesia. Lots of muslims, but very rare who actually practice 100% Islamic teachings. There is a well known phrase related to those kind of muslims, “Abangan”. All of these, happened, because Soeharto always eliminated all muslim fundamentalist. There is no Islam Kaffah movement, Syariah movement, etc. Indonesia has Pancasila as a main source of Indonesian constitution. And Soeharto with his strength system, able to prevent Islamic quality growth.

    So, what I am trying to say, we need to stop Muslimophobia, not Islamophobia. People must be aware about the danger of Islamic teaching and strategy. If to eliminate Islam is an utopia, then we need to have a strong government that defend Human Rights and Secularism.

    (actually I would like to attend your lecture in SFU May 15, 2012 at 7:30pm
    …but I am afraid, as there is no guarantee that I will not be killed by muslim fundamentalist…I almost get killed 3 times in Indonesia, just because asked some questions about Islam…..I am very grateful to live in Canada, but to attend any seminar about Islam, I still am afraid, as for sure I will criticize Islam….So, I just wish you have a good time while in Vancouver).

    Best Regards,

    Ex Muslim Indonesia

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