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Daniel Tutt, Ph.D. is an American philosopher with a focus on psychoanalytic theory and Marxist thought. He is the author of Psychoanalysis and the Politics of the Family: The Crisis of Initiation with the Palgrave Lacan Series and Adjunct Professor of philosophy at George Washington University, Marymount University and Senior Research Fellow at the Global Center for Advanced Studies.


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The Enigma of Christopher Lasch feat. Christian Lorentzen Jouissance Vampires

We are joined by literary critic and actor Christian Lorentzen to discuss the legacy and thought of Christopher Lasch. In this wide-ranging conversation, Lorentzen and host Daniel Tutt discuss Lasch's socialist politics, why he's so often misunderstood by the contemporary left and how he read literature. We assess the reasons why Lasch remains so popular and we touch on the politics of American novelists, the new Dimes Square scene in Manhattan, for which Christian is a central figure and personality, and we touch on the generational politics that seem to return and return ever since Lasch diagnosed them in the 1970s. You can subscribe to Christian's Substack to read his prolific book review essays and other writings: https://christianlorentzen.substack.com
  1. The Enigma of Christopher Lasch feat. Christian Lorentzen
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  4. Ressentiment: A Liberal Concept? feat. Sjoerd van Tuinen
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