Turning Attention Onto the Hater: How Social Psychology Can Help Explain Extreme Prejudice Towards Muslims

The debate around the Ground Zero Islamic Center has unleashed a flurry of fear-provoking rhetoric, initiated by a small, but concerted cottage industry of anti-Muslim activists. This base of Muslim bashers has recently joined forces with the GOP, largely at … Continue reading

The Impact of Negative Media Images – The Case of Muslims/Arabs – A Review of Research in Neuroscience and Social Psychology

As Presented at the Muslim Mental Health Conference, Michigan State University, April 3rd, 2010 “It is easier… to smash an atom than a prejudice,” said Gordon Allport, author of the landmark study on prejudice and stereotypes, The Nature of Prejudice … Continue reading

Interfaith Dialogue / Stereotypes of Islam and Muslims

Since 9/11, interfaith dialogue in America has experienced a series of major shifts, mainly away from shared study, prayer and clergy-to-clergy dialogue towards community service, social justice and direct service work, and most notably, non clergy lay people have increased … Continue reading